Wuxi Xingyi Intelligent Environment Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. Annual Production of 15 sets of


The annual production of 15 sets of intelligent oxidation equipment projects has entrusted EIA units to carry out EIA work. According to the Provisional Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (Decree No. 4 of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment) and the relevant requirements of Jiangsu Environmental Protection Department, the following contents are announced to the public:

Name and outline of construction project

Project Name: Annual production of 15 sets of intelligent oxidation equipment

Project nature: expansion

Location of construction: No. 9 Lotus Pond South Bridge West Road, Qianqiao Street, Huishan District, Wuxi City

Project outline: The construction unit intends to invest 5 million yuan to expand the annual production of 15 sets of intelligent oxidation equipment projects in the existing plant area, including plastic tank, structural components and intelligent electrical control components.

2. Name and contact method of construction unit

Construction Unit: Wuxi Xingyi Intelligent Environment Protection Equipment Co., Ltd

Contact person: Ms. Xu

Contact number: 0510-83293999

E-mail: xenyi@xenyi.com

III. Name and contact information of environmental impact assessment institutions

Name of Unit: Nanjing Guohuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Contacts: Summer Workers

Contact number: 025-86773179

Mailbox: 2993809971@qq.com

IV. Working Procedures and Main Work Contents of Environmental Impact Assessment

Work procedures: collecting information, site survey, investigation and analysis, environmental status monitoring, environmental impact prediction and evaluation, comprehensive analysis (total amount control, accident risk, environmental management, environmental monitoring, environmental protection measures), drawing conclusions, compiling reports, expert review, submitting to environmental protection departments for approval.

Work Contents: Through the compatibility analysis of the project construction site and regional environmental planning, the compatibility of the proposed project investment, construction and planning is analyzed; through the project engineering analysis, the production and discharge of pollutants in the process of project construction is analyzed; and from the technical and economic point of view, the pollution prevention and control measures and ecological protection measures proposed for the project are demonstrated. Feasibility, and analysis of the project on the surrounding environment and ecological impact of the prediction results of the impact of the evaluation project; According to the principle of environmental protection approval, comprehensive analysis of the feasibility of the project in the proposed site construction conclusion, for project environmental management to provide the basis for approval, for project engineering design to provide technical support.

V. Major Matters for Public Opinion

(1) Whether the public is satisfied with the current environmental quality in the location of the construction project;

(2) The public believes that the main factors affecting the local environmental quality and the main sources of environmental pollution;

(3) Public understanding of construction projects;

(4) From the point of view of environmental protection, what attitude does the public hold towards the construction of the project?

(5) Public opinions and suggestions on environmental protection issues such as environmental impacts caused by project construction and environmental protection measures adopted.

VI. Main Ways of Public Opinion

The public can contact the construction units or EIA units by telephone, e-mail and letters to give feedback and suggestions.

7. Announcement Notes

The announcement shall not be less than 10 days. Within 10 days from the date of the announcement, the construction unit will provide relevant information inquiry and reference services for the announcement. If the public has environmental protection opinions on construction projects, it shall, within 10 days from the date of this announcement, submit them to the construction unit or the compilation unit of environmental impact assessment at the same time.

Publishing Unit: Wuxi Xingyi Intelligent Environment Protection Equipment Co., Ltd

May 21, 2019